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PLC System - Model Specifation - General

Power supply for expansion modules

  Model Number/Specification Power input Residual capacity of output power
5VDC (Logiccircuit) 24VDC (Inputcircuit) 24VDC (outputcircuit)
FBs-EPOW 100 ~ 240VAC -15%/+10%, 21W 400mA 250mA 250mA
FBs-EPOW-D 24VDC -15%/+20%,12W 400mA 400mA* 250mA

Thumbwheel switch input module

  Model Number/Specification Input method Occupied IR number Refresh time for input
FBs-32DGI 16-bit (4 digits) X 8 multiplexing input scan 8 words (32 digits/128 individual points) 10mS max. (IO ASIC)

7/16-segment LED display modules

  Model Number/Specification FB-7SG1 FB-7SG2
Display Mode Decoding display 4 bits to represent a character. It can display 16 kinds of pre-decoded character including 0 ~ 9, -, H, E, c, t and all blank
Non-decoding display Each segment controlled by 1 individual bit
Display number of character or points of LED 8 (4*) characters or 64 points individual LED 16 (8*) characters or 128 points individual LED
Refresh time for display 10mS max. (IO ASIC)
LED driving Specification Driving current 40mA / segment
Display method 1 ~ 8 characters multiplexing display
Driving voltage Low voltage 5VDC (can be 10% up)
High voltage 7.5V, 10V, 12.5V selectable (can be 10% up)
Fine tune of voltage drop 0.6V, 1.2V, 1.8V selectable
Over voltage driving indication Each channel has individual over voltage (O.V) driving LED indication
Wiring method 16 pins flat cable, 2.54mm header connector
Isolation method Photocouple isolation
Power input 24VDC - 15%/+20%, static consumption is 2VA max, dynamic current is increased according to display
Dimensions Figure 4

FB-DAP simple human-machine interfaces

  Model Number/Specification FB-DAP-B(R) FB-DAP-C(R)
Display 16-character x 2, 5x7dot matrix LCD display, with LED backlighting
Key pads 20 (4x5) membrane
Power input 24V,41mA(48mA) 5V, 100mA (120mA)
Communication interface Electric RS485 RS232
Mechanism 3 pins European detachable terminal block D-sub 9 pins male connector
Number of linked station Max. 16 stations 1
General features Timer, counter, register, relay, access of contact in PlC
Special features Alarm, information display, user definable special quick keys
Card reading feature Available only in BF/-CR models, with maximum distance of 12 ~ 18 cm
Card writing feature Read/Write-able CARD-2 card, specified models(-BW/-CW) only
Dimensions Figure 7

RFID cards

  Model Number/Specification CARD-1 CARD-2
Memory 64-bit + CRC error detecting codes
Working temperature -25°C ~ 50°C (ISO 7810)
Writing times Read-only At least 10000 times
Dimensions (mm) 86x54x1.3
Weight (g) 12

Memory pack

  Item Specification
Memory 1M bits FLASH ROM
Memory capacity 20K words program + 20K works data
Write protection DIP switch ON/OFF protection