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PLC System - Application

High-speed counter (HSC)

A FBs-PLC can have up to 8 sets of 32bits high-speed counter. Among which, 4 sets are hardware high-speed counter (HHSC) whose counting frequency can reach 120KHz (MC)or 920KHz (MN) and can operate with 8 counting modes. The other 4 sets are software high-speed counter (SHSC) whose total input frequency can reach 10KHz and can operate with three counting modes. The high-speed counters can be used in the applications required high-speed processing and precision control.

Sample application . . The control of cutting machine with variable length

High-speed timer (HST)

The FBs-PLC has a special design 0.1mS time base high-speed timer that can provide a timer with 0.1mS resolution and real-time interrupt capability. Compared with other brands of PLC's in this class that have a resolution of just 1mS including error in scan time, the FBs-PLC is more than 10 times as precise. The FBs-PLC can easily handle precision timing or speed detection applications. The FBs-PLC has one 16-bit 0.1mS high-speed timer and 4 sets of 32-bit 0.1mS high-speed timer.

Sample application . . Combine HSC and HST to detect the break or blunting of drill.

NC position control

The High-speed pulse output (HSPSO) of the FBs-PLC can perform up to 4 axes NC servo or stepping position control. With the accelerating and decelerating function, it is easy to achieve smooth and precise multi-zone position control. If coordinated with the built-in HHSC feedback, the FBs-PLC can perform closed loop control to compensate the wear, aging and unconformity of components. The FBs-PLC also provides a position control language, which when used with the convenient instruction in the ladder diagram, can facilitate the implementation of precise position control.

Sample application . . Use one PLC to perform 3 axes position control

High-speed interrupt

An FBs-PLC can have up to 16 points of external interrupt inputs. The interrupt can be activated by the change of input status which can be positive edge/negative edge or both edges. When using the input interrupt function high speed operations can be detected on the input which would normally be missed on a normal I/O scan.

Sample application . . Elevator Position Control

General purpose PID control

The FBs-PLC provides a general purpose PID control function which compares the process variables read from analog input (AI) with the preset values defined by the user the FBs PLC performs PID calculations according to the proportional band (P), intergral constant (I) and derivative constant (D). An output control value is obtained from above execution and is controlled through the analog output (AO) to control process within the range specified by user. This feature can be applied for smooth precise control such as flow, pressure and level control.

Sample application . . Level control

Temperature measurement and PID control

The FBs-PLC provides a thermocouple temperature modules for (J,K,R,S,E,T,B,N thermocouples) as well as a RTD temperature module(for Pt-100 and Pt-1000 RTD). Thermocouples are suitable for the measurement of large temperature ranges such as a boiler process. RTD's are good for the measurement of low temperature, smaller ranges of temperature and higher resolution such as refrigeration and air conditioning application. Due to the characteristics of temperature control, adopting multiplexing scan measurement and multiple loop PID control make a single FBs-PLC capable of performing up to 32 loops of PID temperature control. With the convenient instruction of temperature measurement and temperature PID control in the ladder program development software significantly reduce the difficulty, cost and time of developing and testing monitoring and control programs.

Sample application . . Injection molding machine temperature control