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F70A, F70, F71, F71CR, F70T, F71RAN, F2R, F80, FLD1R

Fiber Optic Sensor


Key Features

  • The digital presentation of sensing information
  • Function setting by an easy operation
  • The stability level is displayed directly in a receiving optical level and the displacement display
  • Display which sees easily in backlight addition LCD
  • It equips it with an easy-to-use function


Key Features

  • LCD Display Fiber optic sensor sensitivity status is visible
  • Anti Mutual interference. Ease of installation. Wide range of usage
  • Self diagnosis. Will the sensor be okay after starting the operation? Even after continuous operation for 24 hours, if the operation becomes "unstable", the stability output is generated. Convenient for maintenance.


Key Features

  • Ultra thin type.
  • 8 turns sensitivity adjustment is used.
  • Anti Mutual Interference function up to 8 units.


Key Features

  • Ultra thin type
  • 8 turns sensitivity adjustment
  • Anti Mutual Interference function up to 8 units
  • Low cost


Key Features

  • Two-point output and area output mode are equipped
  • An advanced function of F70 is succeeded, and, in addition, the detection specification is improved


Key Features

  • Analog output type sensor with fine resolution.
  • Fiber optic type with very small detection head.


Key Features

  • Amazingly slim.(External dimensions 8mm x 10mm. length 73mm)
  • The Amplifier can be used as if it were cable.
  • 2 output types: NPN or PNP.
  • Fast response time. (500µs max.)


Key Features

  • Simple operation and low cost design.
  • "Long-distance" mode for dramatically increased detecting distance.
  • "Received light" indication enlarged by about 8 times. (compared with conventional Takex product)
  • Larger digital display allows for simple adjustment.
  • Low power consumption achieved.


Key Features

  • The Employs red semiconductor laser. (Class 2)
  • Function visible small spot allows confirmation of detecting position
  • Small object of 0.1 mm can be detected.
  • Ideal for detecting end of thin object such as wafer mapping, etc.
  • It Light emission stop function is convenient as a safety measure and inspection at start of operation.